Wednesday 22 December 2021

Wakisugiyama, Temples, Shrines and snow 米ノ山・若杉山・岳城山・雑木山 2021/12/18

Wakisugiyama, Temples, Shrines and snow 米ノ山・若杉山・岳城山・雑木山 2021/12/18

My first snow hike of the year! I climbed Wakasugiyama enjoying visiting the many temples and shrines on the way. As I hiked the snow started and covered the trees and statues with a thin fluffy layer of snow. I headed up to Komenoyama 米ノ山 first which has great views before hiking over to Wakisugiyama 若杉山

I stopped at the top of Wakasugiyama 若杉山 for lunch and then continued on to Takejosan 岳城山 which was my first visit to this mountain. I didn't know which direction to hike after that but finally decided on going down to Suechuo station. 

I checked the train time and ended up having to run to catch my train! Now home to make Mince pies which are traditional English food for Christmas and what English children put out for Santa along with a glass of Sherry. Click here for the route map! 







First winter hike: Kusenbuyama by rail 杓子ヶ峰・奥山・九千部山・石谷山

First winter hike: Kusenbuyama by rail 杓子ヶ峰・奥山・九千部山・石谷山 2021/12/4 

Winter has started although it is still warm during the day time in Kyushu. I left this house this morning with no clear plan of where to go or what to do. I just packed my bag, left the house and went to the station. I then decided to get off at Yayoigaoka station 弥生が丘駅 and walked past the bustling premium Tosu outlet stores and continued out into the mountains. On the way up a woman tending her vegetables called me over to warn me about monkeys in the mountain. I told her that I wanted to see them but she looked annoyed and said they are dangerous! Ha ha Unfortunately I didn't find any monkeys. 

I went up some smaller mountains before reaching the dam and continuing up to Kusenbuyama. It was great to use a new route as I have only hiked from the Fukuoka side in the past. I attention a late lunch on Kusebuyama 九千部山 and then continued to Ishidaniyama 石谷山 and down to the Ochouzu waterfall 御手洗の滝. I got worried that it may get dark before I could make it down so picked up my pace, I thought that I should pack a headlamp if I plan to wonder so aimlessly, silly me. In end it was fine as came to the station with about half an hour of daylight left. Click on the title or here for the route map and more pictures!