About me

About Me 

Welcome to the site! 

My name is Jason from the U.K. and I have lived in Kyushu for around 13 years. I have two fabulous daughters who often go on hikes with me and love the challenge and attention they get from other hikers. This is my blog detailing my adventures and hikes around Kyushu.

I have always been interested in the outdoors and have always loved camping and exploring in the countryside when I was growing up. The goal was not initially to get fit the impact has been transformative and I encourage everybody to engage with nature to improve both their physical and mental health.

Please note: All information provided on this site was true at the time of writing. Routes are often damaged due to the weather or natural disasters and bus/train timetables can all change. 

Check out the mountains page for a list of the mountains by prefecture and the blog archive for the hikes in order of when they were done. 
If you have any comments or suggestions or want some advice feel free to send me a message, follow me on Instagram or add some comments to the page.  

I hope you enjoy the site and happy trails!                    


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  1. Hi Jason, wonder if you can be a guide for hiking in Kyushu? We are a group travelling from Hong Kong, hopefully in late April.