Wednesday 20 October 2021

Waitasan: more wonderful Kuju 一目山・みそこぶし山・女岳・涌蓋山 2021/10/9

 Waitasan: more wonderful Kuju 一目山・みそこぶし山・女岳・涌蓋山 2021/10/9

Mt. Waita is on the Aso Kuju national park on the border of Oita and Kumamoto. 

We left 5:30am and drove to Sujiyu onsen starting point and climbed Waitasan. The mountain has wonderful views of Kuju and far views of the surrounding area. The hike is very open which means great views from almost any point along the trail. It is not a difficult hike but does have some distance, also because it is so open I recommend bringing a hat and sun block. If you want to visit Kuju but get a different view of the area this is the perfect hike and reminds me a little of Tawarayama in whichover looks Mt. Aso in Kumamoto. 

After hiking we drove to Chojabaru, took a bath in a lovely onsen, walked the board walks and had soft ice cream. 

Kuju is the most wonderful area and every time I leave I get the Kuju blues!

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