Thursday 5 May 2022

Running Shikanoshima Island 小岳・大岳・勝山・衣笠山・弥五郎山・潮見山・堂山 2022/4/6

Running Shikanoshima Island 小岳・大岳・勝山・衣笠山・弥五郎山・潮見山・堂山 2022/4/6

I had another day off today so I went out again for some more running. I have never been to Shikanoshima before and noticed it has some small mountains (More like hills really) so I packed my bag and set off. 

I started at Saitozaki station and ran through Saitozaki stopping to visit two shrines on the way before hitting the road to Shikanoshima. The route is beautiful with lovely salty sea air and beaches to run through. Once getting to the Island I went up to Shikaumi shrine and then tried to go up many small mountains. However I couldn't find and trail, signs or even tape! So I ended up walking back and forth trying to work out the best routes, in the end I stuck to an old mountain road that went straight up to Yagoroyama and the observation deck there. I then carried on to some other small mountains and shrines before running back around using the road next ro the sea. The island is popular for cyclists so the road has an area for bikes which is also useful for runners. I visited a Mongolian monument and and park dedicated to gold stamps which were both along the road. I ended back at the ferry port and caught a ferry back to Saitozaki (They also go to Hakata port). It has a good run but I think it would be better not to bother trying to go to the small mountains so next time I will focus on running around the island.




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