Thursday 26 October 2023

Continue for another year

 Continue for another year

I was planning to close this blog this year however I have decided to go for another year as I met a hiker about a month ago who said it really helped them when they arrived. To see my latest hikes and adventures please download the Yamap application and follow me on there or Instagram. 

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Monday 30 May 2022

Itoshima Saturday hike 可也山・火山・笹山


I spent the last Saturday of Spring walking and hiking around Itoshima. 

I started at Chikuzen-Maebaru station and hiked up Kayasan and used a different route back down. I found a nice little shrine with a working pump and well. In the roof of the shrine a colony of bees had moved in and made a bee hive. I then walked over and up Hiyama and got to see some wild animals including a weasel dashing across the path and wild boar running into the woods after spotting me. 

On the way back it looks on the map that I flew over the fields and over the river but this is because the Yamap map is out of date and doesn't have a new road that has been made. I got back to the station and climbed a small hill behind the station before leaving for home.




Miyama Kirishima flowers at Haneyama 西万年・万年山 2022/5/22

 Miyama Kirishima flowers at Haneyama 西万年・万年山 2022/5/22

Finally we got to go on a hike further away. To view this years Miyama Kirishima we went to Haneyama. This is a wonderful and easy hike around, up and across a mountain which is famous for it's blooms of Miyama Kirishima flowers. This wonderful alpine variant of Tsutsuji Azalea flowers. They bloom at around 1000 meters altitude and completely blanket many mountains in Kyushu in the month of May. 

We hiked through the fields and past a campsite to a beautiful flower covered field before climbing the mountain. The top of the mountain was also covered in flowers and that combined with the amazing blue skies made the hike fantastic. At the top I met a cute Instagram follower yn0863 and we took a picture together. Nice! 

When we got back to the car park people were handing out small flags. Apparently today was an open day for the mountain, we had no idea! 

After hiking we visited a nearby Michinoeki farm shop for lunch and then visited the railway museum and old round house. Our timing was great and we got to see famous kyushu trains as well as ride a small time train.




Thursday 5 May 2022

Running Shikanoshima Island 小岳・大岳・勝山・衣笠山・弥五郎山・潮見山・堂山 2022/4/6

Running Shikanoshima Island 小岳・大岳・勝山・衣笠山・弥五郎山・潮見山・堂山 2022/4/6

I had another day off today so I went out again for some more running. I have never been to Shikanoshima before and noticed it has some small mountains (More like hills really) so I packed my bag and set off. 

I started at Saitozaki station and ran through Saitozaki stopping to visit two shrines on the way before hitting the road to Shikanoshima. The route is beautiful with lovely salty sea air and beaches to run through. Once getting to the Island I went up to Shikaumi shrine and then tried to go up many small mountains. However I couldn't find and trail, signs or even tape! So I ended up walking back and forth trying to work out the best routes, in the end I stuck to an old mountain road that went straight up to Yagoroyama and the observation deck there. I then carried on to some other small mountains and shrines before running back around using the road next ro the sea. The island is popular for cyclists so the road has an area for bikes which is also useful for runners. I visited a Mongolian monument and and park dedicated to gold stamps which were both along the road. I ended back at the ferry port and caught a ferry back to Saitozaki (They also go to Hakata port). It has a good run but I think it would be better not to bother trying to go to the small mountains so next time I will focus on running around the island.




Inunakiyama spring hike 西山(鮎坂山)・辰ノヘラ・往来岳・草場岳・御別館岳・脇田岳・犬鳴山(熊ヶ城)・砥石山 2022/4/110

Inunakiyama spring hike 西山(鮎坂山)・辰ノヘラ・往来岳・草場岳・御別館岳・脇田岳・犬鳴山(熊ヶ城)・砥石山 2022/4/10

We have been lucky lately with so many beautiful spring days. 

I went to Koga and caught a bus from the station to Komono bus stop and started hiking from there. The area has many small mountains so I tried to choose a suitable path. I went up to Nishiyama first and then hiked a long to the Inunaki dam. From there I climbed up Inunakiyama, with my legs feeling exhausted and tired. I went down a route which ended up being steep and rocky and found myself on the wrong side of "No entry" sign. It was safe but I went up to the main road and found it a little scary walking along such a busy road. At this point I wanted go stop bit there was no easy way back. I walked back up to the dam and walked around the reservoir to make my way back to the bus. Click on the link for route map and more pictures 




Sensuiyama Kuroiwayama Kuju hiking and Onigiriyama 黒岩山・上泉水山・泉水山 Onigiriyama! 小にぎり山・おにぎり山 2022/4/2

 Sensuiyama Kuroiwayama Kuju hiking and Onigiriyama  黒岩山・上泉水山・泉水山 Onigiriyama! 小にぎり山・おにぎり山 2022/4/2

Starting from Chojabaru we caught the community bus up to Makinoto and hiked up Kuroiwayama first before continuing to Sensuiyama. Lots of wonderful views of Kuju and we could even see Mt. Aso bellowing smoke in the distance. The weather stayed good and we completed the hike in good time returning to Chojabaru.

After finishing our Sensuiyama hike we drove around to the other side to so a short extra hike up Onigiriyama. We hiked up past lots of steaming vents with super heated hot spring water. The area around the mountain was black from recent managed burning of grass lands. At the top we ate Onigiri rice balls and them hiked down to find an onsen (Hot spring) to bath in.
Click on the links for the route map and more pictures Sensuiyama Onigiriyama





Friday 4 February 2022

Nogata hiking: Mutsugatake and lots of small steep mountains 六ヶ岳 2022/1/15

 Nogata hiking: Mutsugatake and lots of small steep mountains 六ヶ岳 2022/1/15

I had to make a plan but in my characteristic style I had multiple plans that I was juggling until the last moment. In the end I decided on heading to inland Fukuoka to Nogata city. This is my first hike of Mutsugatake and it was tiring with lots of up and down. I decided during hiking not to try and do all of it and instead pick the mountains to hike saving the others for a future trip. Most of the peaks just had small signs and no view but the view from Mutsugatake itself were great giving a 360 degree view of the area. After relaxing and letting my legs recover I carried on to more small peaks. On the way back I walked through the countryside and fields enjoying the rural feel of the area. Click here for the route map and more pics! 

A great mountain to hike for the views!