Friday 31 July 2020

Mekubariyama 高宮山, 小鷹城山, 目配山

Mekubariyama 高宮山, 小鷹城山, 目配山

I first attempted Mekubariyama a few weeks ago in the middle of the crazy rain storms which have proved hugely destructive to Kyushu's rural areas and hiking trails. I had to abandon that attempt because of debris from landslides and parts of the trail collapsing right in front of me! You can view that attempt here

For this attempt the route is still badly damaged especially the end where parts of the road have completely fallen away however it was OK to hike and a great trail as well. I bumped into a family of wild boar which looked at me grunted and scampered into the forest just before I was able to get a photo. A little further on I saw what I thought was a rock but then its head emerged from the tall grass to reveal a large deer. Lots of wonderful wild life and a great mountain to visit. On the way back to the shrine parking area I stopped by another small mountain and an ancient Kofun tomb. As always click on the title to see the yamap post and trail map. Enjoy! 


Nadayama 灘山 in Itoshima

Nadayama 灘山 in Itoshima

Nadayama is a small mountain (209m) in Itoshima very near to Kayasan. It also has beautiful sea views and was once the site of castle structure over looking the sea for defence. If you are in the area it is definitely worth a visit and can be hiked in about an hour. Click on the title to visit the yamap post!