Tuesday 30 November 2021

Tagawa Ganjakuyama hiking and Genjinomori camping 稲荷山・岩石山

 Tagawa Ganjakuyama hiking and Genjinomori camping 稲荷山・岩石山 2021.28 to 29

For the last days of Autumn we went to Tagawa to hike Ganjakuyama and camp at Genjinomori. 

The mountain was once the site of a castle. It isn't surprising when you reach the top as the mountain commands splendid views of the surrounding area. The hike is quite short but it us steep in some places. We all hiked up together but I took a different route to get down which was a lot steeper with chains and ropes. Soeda park at the bottom also has many beautiful maple trees and nice Autumn colours. Click on the title for the route map and Yamap post! 




After exploring the mountain we headed over to a farm shop where the kids begged me to buy them candy floss (Cotton candy in American English). After that we went to the Genjinomori 源じいの森 campsite and booked into our cabin and set up a campfire and BBQ. Lots of delicious meat and toasted marsh mellows! We ended the evening with a trip to the onsen 源じいの森温泉 which is discounted if you stay in the campsite.




Next up winter hiking!

Autumn colours in northern Kyushu 2021

 Autumn colours in northern Kyushu 2021 

I have been to many mountains over October and November to enjoy the wonderful Autumn colours in Northern Kyushu. All of these are repeat hikes. Below are some of the wonderful images captured out hiking, although the pictures really don't do it justice! Please visit Yamap or Instagram to view many more. Autumn is the best time to hike! 

Raizan 雷山 in Itoshima, Fukuoka




Yufudake 由布岳 in Beppu, Oita 




Myojosan 明星山 in Kurume, Fukuoka



Homanzan 宝満山 in Dazaifu, Fukuoka