The Seasons

 The Seasons

The ever changing faces of the mountains 

Japan is generally a temperate zone climate that is to say is has four clearly distinct seasons. However it also has some sub-tropical southern areas and subarctic northern areas: You can visit the Japanese Meteorological website for more details . The diverse range of conditions affects the flora and fauna of the Japanese mountains is various ways and makes revisiting the same hikes and locations a joy at almost anytime of the year. 

Below I have assembled some images which show how the environments change from season to season and in different weather conditions. 

Mt. Homan 

Experiencing and capturing the environments as they change throughout the year between season and within season is one of the great joys of repeat hiking. 





The weather

You probably have an idea of the ideal weather for hiking. However sometimes it is good to challenge your preconceptions and explore the differences hiking in different weather conditions can make. You will also see a variety of different animals and Fungi depending on when you choose to hike. 

Kiyama and Tenpaizan 

 Dry cool weather

 In Snow


Very hot and Sunny

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