Thursday 5 May 2022

Sensuiyama Kuroiwayama Kuju hiking and Onigiriyama 黒岩山・上泉水山・泉水山 Onigiriyama! 小にぎり山・おにぎり山 2022/4/2

 Sensuiyama Kuroiwayama Kuju hiking and Onigiriyama  黒岩山・上泉水山・泉水山 Onigiriyama! 小にぎり山・おにぎり山 2022/4/2

Starting from Chojabaru we caught the community bus up to Makinoto and hiked up Kuroiwayama first before continuing to Sensuiyama. Lots of wonderful views of Kuju and we could even see Mt. Aso bellowing smoke in the distance. The weather stayed good and we completed the hike in good time returning to Chojabaru.

After finishing our Sensuiyama hike we drove around to the other side to so a short extra hike up Onigiriyama. We hiked up past lots of steaming vents with super heated hot spring water. The area around the mountain was black from recent managed burning of grass lands. At the top we ate Onigiri rice balls and them hiked down to find an onsen (Hot spring) to bath in.
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