Friday 15 June 2018

Tachibanayama (立花山), Mikazukiyama (三日月山) and Koga Sea front (古賀) 2018.6.3

Tachibanayama (立花山), Mikazukiyama   (三日月山) and Koga Sea front (古賀)  2018.6.3

Very accessible and easy to reach these two mountain and beach were a great day hike with my daughter. 

Access: Take the JR Kagoshima line to JR Kashii station. From the Nishitetsu Kashii-mae bus stop you can catch a bus to Shimobaru which is the final destination of the bus. 

There are many newer hikes with fuller routes see the mountains page above for details.

For the second part take the JR Kagoshima line to JR Koga station from there it is a short walk to Hanatsurugahama Park (花鶴ヶ浜公園) The sea front is a good opportunity to relax after climbing the mountains just watch out for Jellyfish if you go barefoot. 

Gear: There are steep sections but they are not too hard. Sports shoes should be ok. A hiking stick may be useful. Bring plenty of water and lunch for either the sea front or mountain summit. Sunglasses and a sun hat are also recommended. 

At the bottom near the bus stop there is an info board with the route to visit both peaks clearly marked. 

Small shrine for the mountain 

Another small shrine

The entrance to the forest, the trail starts here

Stone bridge

Water tanks in case of forest fire

Malena font a good Bamboo stick to use
The only water source on the mountain
The steps lead up

The view from Tachibanayama's summit is impressive despite its smallish size

Characteristic Summit singpost, Mikazukiyama.

Next stop was the slightly taller Mikazukiyama. 

Time to move on to Koga beach to bathe our weary feet. 

The beach area was uncrowded and the water was a mixture of blues and greens. 

This path leads straight up to the turning for Chidori station. A very pleasant walk
Looking back at the sea before the walk to Chiori the hike ends here

Small jellyfish can be found every few meters.

The end of the hike. Two mountains, many small beaches later it was time to leave. 

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