Monday 29 July 2019

Homanzan 宝満山 Summer Hiking 2019.7.28

Homanzan 宝満山 Summer Hiking 2019.7.28 

For the last hike of July we headed to Homanzan to get a look at the view and enjoy seasonal summer hike. Unfortunately we had the bad luck of hiking up through a wandering cloud which brought rain and obscured the view. Still there were other fun surprises to be seen which made it well worth the trip. For more information on Homan check out the previous posts and the Mountains section above.

We spotted this large Japanese common toad just to the side of the stone steps trail on the way up the mountain. 

It was trying to rely on it's camouflage to stay hidden. But when something this size moves the spell is broken.  

As seen at many other mountain hikes this spring/summer there were also plenty of interesting Fungi and mushrooms to spot along the trail. 

I especially like the spiky headed ones. It even slightly looks like a small family. 

Despite it being summer time we ended walking right through the middle of a low level cloud. The woodland was wet and covered with due which illuminated the spider webs in the trees and logs

 Luckily the weather it clear up on the way down and we managed to great a good view of Shioji 
Hopefully next time the top will be clear and we will get to take in the wonderful views of Homanzan. 

Now starts August despite being hotter the weather at least is usually more stable than July. 

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