Friday 11 October 2019

Hiking and Camping on Homanzan 宝満山, testing out the new tent 2019.10.5&6

Hiking and Camping on Homanzan 宝満山, testing out the new tent 2019.10.5&6

Autumn is in full swing; the temperature is starting to drop and even though the beautiful autumnal leaves are only just starting to change colour it is still a wonderful time for a hike! I decided to head back to Homanzan and this time I took both kids to camp at the camp centre near the top and test out the new two man geertop tent. 

The Autumn colours are starting to come out and the forest floor is becoming littered with leaves and acorns. When you repeat hike a trail you are able to more fully appreciate the small details and spend a lot less of your time worrying about the direction you are going or how long it is going to take. 

Finally, we came to the camp centre just as it hit 3pm which is earliest time that you are permitted to set up your tents. Even at that time there were plenty of other hikers setting up theirs.  The new tent seemed so bright however it is a common colour with most tents being bright green, yellow or orange.

We climbed up to the top to take in the views. It is lucky that we did as due to rain and cloud cover, we would be denied our sunrise views in the morning. The late afternoon skies were beautiful though and the temperature was starting drop as compared to just a few weeks before. 

We took one of the benches just outside the main cabin and started cooking. They have fireproof plates for your gas hob to sit on and plenty of benches and chairs. 

Were were also very lucky to be gifted lots of delicious foods from our regular hiking group friends who were sitting in the cabin just behind us. They really cook gourmet foods so for them cooking is all part of the experience. 

As night fell the parties continued until the 10pm cut off point. The kids went back to the tent and played card games until they were sleepy enough, then came lights out. 

There was light rain in the night and we awoke to a damp morning. The sunrise view we planned on waking to see was not possible. We shook off the tent and set up the stove again for breakfast and hot chocolate. 

We headed off back down the trail and observed the changing leaves on the way. It was a another great camping trip to Homan and the kids are already eager to return! 

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