Sunday 26 January 2020

Onechiyama 大根地山 hiking 2020/1/25

大根地山 Onechiyama hiking 2020/1/25

This mountain is located in Chikushino city and is close to Homanzan. It is not directly connected to any other mountains and stands alone. In the past the mountain was a popular retreat for priest and monks living on Homanzan and Hikosan. Now it is a great mountain with some very nice shrines on the peak. We started our hike at the site of an old elementary school which has now been turned into a city owned park and campsite. The access for this mountain is tricky without a car but there may be some buses or you could take a Taxi from Kamado-shrine. 

The camp area has a river running through it and large areas for picnics and relaxing. 

There are plenty of information boards and even some English on them. 

 A short way up we were greeted with this waterfall 扇滝. It doesn't have a high flow rate but it is rather tall. It made for a beautiful sight and was great to see. Just above it wa a small shrine in the rock.


This shrine can be found just before the final set of steps up to the main shrine 大根地神社. 

The trail to the summit continues past the shrine and zigzags up to the top. The view was a little cloudy but still impressive. 

 The route we used to go down goes past the summit and is overgrown in places. We had to climb over and crawl under many fallen trees. There were signs of wild boar from prints and droppings. 

At the end of the trail we came out near some fields and walked back to the car park. 

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