Tuesday 29 September 2020

Kirishima: Hiking Karakunidake 韓国岳(霧島山) and Edbinodake えびの岳 2020/9/26

 Kirishima: Hiking Karakunidake 韓国岳(霧島山) and Edbinodake えびの岳 2020/9/26

For this hike we drove down to the Ebino plateau to hike Karakunidake.

We parked at the main Ebino plateau car park and hiked up directly to Karakunidake. On the way up we found a mother deer and her faun, the faun looked a little scared but the mother was obviously used to seeing hikers on the trail. We got some great views on the way up however we soon entered the clouds which greatly impaired our view. We reached the summit however with no views to see we headed towards Onami lake. We ate lunch with a good view of the lake and then went towards Ebinodake. The hike there was wonderful. The forests around Kirishima are beautiful with lots of moss carpeting the trees and vines growing. Lots of colour and very vibrant. To get to Ebinodake I decided to cut across to save time, this was ok at the start up it soon became challenging. I would recommend to stay on the trail.

After hiking we went to a local supermarket and then to Hinamori campsite. We stayed in a trailer house and set up a BBQ and campfire and enjoyed sitting on the decking area watching the flames and listening to rock guitar music on low volume.

As always click on the link title to see the route map on the Yamap site






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