Monday 13 August 2018

Mt. Homan 宝満山, Mt. Tokin 頭巾山 and Mt. Sangun 三郡山 2018.8.12

Mt. Homanzan 宝満山, Mt. Tokin 頭巾山 and Mt. Sangunsan 三郡山 2018.8.12

Access: Sangunsan is reachable by following the Homanzan trail almost to the top. When you reach a signpost that points to the campground follow that. After reaching the camp ground the route to Sangunsan is just a little further. 

After a short walk past the camp ground I came to this sign. Sangunsan is a further 2.4Km so I checked my water supplies and continued on. 

Not far past the sign is a small Buddha statue
And a small stone shrine

The path is a mix of easy flat trails and quite steep sections. It is a contrast to the stone steps which characterise the Homan route. 

Mt. Tokin Summit sign post

After a lot of walking and clambering I came to a sign which indicated another peak just 100m from the path. This is the peak of Mt. Tokin  頭巾山 there is no view to speak of but as it was such a short distance from the main path it was worth a visit. 

After emerging from the forest I came to a tarmac road which lead to a bunch of antenna and what I think might be a weather station. I would have been stumped at this point but luckily I found an older group of hikers. I needed to follow the road around and walk down the side of what looked like a dead end to reach  the summit. 
Summit sign

View from the Summit 

Tsukushi Onsen

I followed the path back to Homan and started the descent. I was covered in sweat so it was good when I finally reached the bottom and get to the Onsen. Tsukushi onsen is nice and the feeling of having a shower after such a long climb is wonderful. 

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