Sunday 12 August 2018

Kazashiyama 風師山 2018.8.11

Kazashiyama 風師山 2018.8.11

Mt. Kazashi overlooks the Kanmon strait on the Kyushu side. From its popular viewpoint Kazagashira 風頭 you get wonderful view of the one of the most important shipping lanes in Japan and a great view of the surrounding area of Kitakyushu. 

We decided to take the Shinkansen for this years "Yama no hi" (Mountain day) and visit this mountain and the pretty little seaside town of Mojiko. 

Access: Take the JR Kagoshima line to JR Mojiko station  門司港駅.  From there head up to the mountain to Kiyotaki park. 

The Moji ward office actually publish a very good guide map which I have scanned the main pages of. You can pick it up from Mojiko station or from the ward office which is not too far. 

Hike route map
Map at the base of the mountain. 

After walking for a short while we came to the start of the hike. You can actually drive a good way up the mountain and you often find yourself walking on the tarmac road for long periods. 

Quite a lot of road walking. Need to be careful of cars coming down.

After some more road walking we came to the entrance to the Momiji valley on the left. However in the summer the area was nothing special. 
The Momoji valley must look great in Autumn


The first view  point. Much better still to come.

Finally off the road. We followed the track to the last car park and the summit trailhead. 

Busy wildlife sorting out the forest fires. 

 After a little while we hit a large group. It seems as though Moji ward office had organised the group for this years mountain. Some very friendly people that gave he kids ice and cookies when we got to the view point. 

Summit sign post. The summit is actually off track through some long grass. The view is not too great but still worth a visit. 

Another sign for the summit 

The view from the summit. 

After talking in the summit we returned to the trail to continue on and rejoin the group at Kazagashira. 

The view from Kazagashira is simply stunning and very impressive. 

We got the binoculars out to check out the ships passing through the strait. 

The mountains in the distance looked great. With the too on the right looking like clones. 
The beautiful ocean colours and clear skies. 
The group all having a spot of lunch
Lots of large ships could be seen

On the way back down there is a smaller viewpoint which shows the other side of the mountain and the dense forests of the area. 

After taking in the view and eating the ice it was time to head back down and enjoy Mojiko for a little bit. 

The people in the group said we could enjoy watermelon smashing in the parking area but as we were pressed for time we had to decline the kind offer. 

As we walked away I took one final shot from across the road of the mountain. 

Overall a nice hike with some seriously wonderful views. And with Mojiko right at the bottom it makes for a great day out. 

On the road on the way back down we found a friend. A praying mantis. 

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