Tuesday 24 July 2018

Beaches and coastal walking Summer 2018

Beaches and coastal walking Summer 2018

Summer is in full swing and I thought it would be a good opportunity to look at the beaches and coastal area of the area. Here are some pretty nice places to visit for enjoying the coast. I already have another post with details of Ooshima Island and Koga beach so check them out. Here are two other spots which are worthy of your attention. They are not hiking really although there is plenty of beach walking to be done in both locations. 

Nata Beach 奈多

Access: Take the JR Kagoshima line to JR Kashii from there change to the Saitozaki line to JR Nata 奈多駅. It only takes about half a hour. After leaving the station head to Shishiki shrine 志式神社 for an easy access point to the beach. When I went we tried to enter the beach further down and came out on the top of a small cliff. 

View from the top of the cliff

Climbing down the sandstone cliffs over the dunes

The sand was soft and warm, very soothing

Birds of prey circle over head

I like the view of the sand dunes

The path from the shrine to the beach through the sand dunes

Shishiki shrine and impressive sea shrine

Iki Island 壱岐島

Iki Island is located just about an hour away by ferry from Hakata port. It is a beautiful Island with access to caves, clear shallow seas, sandy beaches and a rich history. 

Access: Take the Nishittetsu bus from either Hakata or Tenjin to Hakata port. From there you can catch a ferry to Iki Island. Getting around the Island is not really hikeable (although there are plenty of places to walk around the Island) instead the best choices are to rent a car or to rent a bicycle. We rented a car so it was easy to zip around the Island. 

The port area is pretty dull with little to sea or do. The best beaches are a little way away and there are some interesting historical sights more inland. 

Kojima Shrine 小島神社 only accesable during low tide

View from Kojima Shrine

A boat trip around the small Islands. The colour and clarity of the sea wa amazing

Dolphin park was actually kind of depressing
A Kofun, burial mound. Iki has a number of these and they are very well kept. 

Saruiwa 猿岩A rock that is said to be shaped like a monkey
More wonderful sea views

We finished the day at Tsutsukihama beach 筒城浜 which is listed as one of the 100 best beaches in Japan. It wasn't too crowded and the sea was amazing. 

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