Tuesday 10 July 2018

Return to Shioji 四王寺 2018/7/1

Return to Shioji 四王寺 2018/7/1

Due to the unpredictable nature of the rainy season weather I decided to not go too far and instead retackle Shioji in slightly different conditions. This time I took my daughter with me which changed the experience significantly from my first hike. 

We followed the same basic route as last time with a few detours to see some historical features I missed on the first hike. 

Malena looking down from the first view point. She was excited to find Kasuga park and her school. 

The whole forest smelled really good from the coniferous trees. It smelled like Christmas! 

The summit marking post for Ooguskuyama 大城山 one of the main peaks at Shioji

More building ruins, there are so many of these at Shioji

More Fungi and mushrooms. 

The view was impressive today. More clouds due to the heavy rain the day before by the mountains almost looked like a watercolor painting. 

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