Thursday 5 July 2018

Mt. Homan (Homanzan 宝満山) 2018.7.5 Rainy day

Mt. Homan (Homanzan 宝満山) 2018.7.5 Very Rainy day

I attempted Mt. Homan however due to continued heavy rain I had to stop just past the main freshwater spring. Still it was a good chance to see the mountain under different conditions. 

Deep puddles and rushing streams were everywhere on the trail.

It also didn't help that there was a Typhoon just a few days prior to my hike. 

The large shrine gate drenched in water

Can you spot it on the rock?

A real treat for the hike a common Japanese toad (Bufo japonicus)  ニホンヒキガエル common toad 

It was still worth the hike even without reaching the summit. The view would have been obscured anyway but the atmosphere in the forest following the Typhoon and the chance to see a common toad was great. Will go back again to finally conquer both peaks. 

Finally made it back to the Kamado Shrine bus stop: Lovely weather... for ducks!  

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