Sunday 3 February 2019

Return to Raizan 雷山 - Winter Hike 2019/2/2

Return to Raizan 雷山 - Winter Hike 2019/2/2 

On the one useable day of the weekend before lots of rain I headed back to Raizan. The views the clearer than last time giving a much better look of the surrounding area. I also took the opportunity to visit the historic Buddhist temple not far from the start point of the hike. There is little to add from last time in terms of the route so below are some better resolution pictures of the impressive waterfall and views. The second part is the temple Raizansennyoji Taihioin 雷山 千如寺大悲王院 which cost 400Yen for entry, the kids went in for free. This price included access to the main buildings and grounds as well as a blessing in the hall and a look at the historic Buddha statue. 



Rai Shrine was covered in mist on my last visit. The weather was clear on this get. 

The old summit marker sign 

The clearer skies let me see much further. The view is wonderful looking far to the mountain ranges beyond. 

Raizansennyoji Taihioin 雷山 千如寺大悲王院 

Raizan Sennyo-ji is an ancient and historic temple. Every year it is famous for its wonder maple leaves in Autumn from its 400 year of maple tree in it's garden. You can read more about the temple here 

The garden was viewable from the main building. 
The 400 year old Maple tree

 The temple hsa very large with many buildings to explore and good atmosphere. You could even have a go at ringing the bell. 

The main Buddha which is around 5 metres tall is hidden in the building behind some very large doors. The priest opened them for the blessing and sang while playing a large Taiko drum. 

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