Sunday 27 January 2019

Mt. Hōman 宝満山 - Frozen January hike 2019/1/26 and some frozen Tenpaizan 天拝山 as well 2019/1/27

Mt. Hōman 宝満山 - Frozen January hike 2018/1/26

And some frozen Tenpaizan 天拝山 from the next day 2018/1/27

This past weekend we were forecast for some very cold weather. I took the opportunity to head up to Hōman on Saturday and went trail running at Tenpaizan on Sunday. Here are few snaps of both well known sites covered in beautiful snow. On Saturday I went to the Tsukushi bath after hiking and a snow storm started; a wonderful feeling soaking in hot water surrounded by snowflakes! 

Hōman 宝満山

My daughter made a snowman on the top and challenged herself by escorting it down to the bottom of the mountain! 

Most of the snow was localised on top of the mountain. It wasn't until a little later that a snow storm swept over the base of the mountain as well. 

Satsuma orange tree in a the snowstorm

Tenpaizan 天拝山

Not much of a view on this day. But it is great to see the same mountains under vastly different conditions. It was also great to see so many people taking advantage of the weather or a Sunday walk with their families. 

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