Tuesday 15 January 2019

Happy New Year!!! 2019/1/15

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year! I haven't been able to get to any new mountains over the busy a hectic winter holidays. I have mainly been trail running around the same mountains of Tenpaizan and Shioji and I also went back to the ruins of Mizuki for a run. I did do one speed hike up Mt. Homan and found it to very frozen at the summit. The frozen ground gave a satisfying crunch with every step. 

The water by the shrine at the summit was completely frozen over

I was lucky to have some great weather. With less leaves on the trees the views are even less obscured

For the rest of the year I hope to get further afield and get to some of the mountains in Kagoshima. I am also planning visiting Mt. Sobo for a longer camping trip and spend more time in Saga by getting to the Tara mountains and do some more Kyushu Olle courses. Coming up very soon is the second winter Nishitetsu Let's hike on Jan 19th and Inoyama in Umi. And of course revisit some of the past hikes in different seasonal conditions. A busy year a ahead. Wherever you plan to hike, happy trails! 

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