Friday 21 December 2018

Nishitetsu にしてつ Let's Hike event: Aburayama 油山 2018.12.9

Nishitetsu にしてつ Let's Hike event: Aburayama 油山 2018.12.9

Earlier this month I took the kids to a group hike event at Aburayama. These events are organised by the Nishitetsu company and take place around once a month. No prior registration is required all you need to do is turn up at the start point. Full details can be found here Nishitetsu Let's Hike events the website is in Japanese only however if you need any help with understanding it please feel free to get in touch. The next hike is Inoyama (previously covered on this blog) which will take place on January 19th. 

Upon arriving at the start point we were each given a fabric sticker with an assigned number on to attach to our bags or clothing. As a treat we also each got a small packet of caramel sweets as well and a form on the bag of sticker which we needed to hand in on completion of the course. 

 The trail was well marked with temporary signage for the event as shown above. The group was fairly large with a good range of ages. On completion of the course Elementary school age and younger are given some stationery as a gift. On this day it was a choice of stickers or pencils in the design of a Nishitetsu bus and train. 

Due to a mistake by the event organisers which meant that buses from original endpoint Mo Mo land do not run in from December the hike officially ended at the nature park. However we continued on and did the course as it was originally planned and arranged to be picked up at the end. 

After reaching on the summit of Aburayama we descended and took the path to Moo Moo land it really wasn't too far. We walked around the animals and the kids petted the cows and goats before we finally headed to the car. It was a great day and it was fun for the kids to be part of the larger group and get some freebies! 

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