Wednesday 3 April 2019

Homanzan 宝満山 and Sangunsan 三郡山 Spring hike 2019.4.2

Homanzan 宝満山 and Sangunsan 三郡山 Spring hike 2019.4.2

With the short Hanami season drawing to an end I had to revisit Mt. Homan in Dazaifu again. I decided to extend the hike to the nearby Mt. Sangun which I last visited in the summer and ended up enjoying the hike a lot more this time with the cooler temperature and lack of blood sucking insects. 

For access to Mt. Homan follow the route outlined in the previous hikes. 1 2 3 4 5. You can get there by heading to Nishitetsu Dazaifu station. On the past few times I have actually started my hike from the station and walked up past the main Tenmangu shrine and to Kamado Shrine. But you can also catch the local bus, turn left as you leave the station and cross the road. You need to catch the bus there labelled "Uchiyama" The last stop is Kamado shrine. The stop stop has a digital board with live updates for the bus times and romaji so it is easy to read. 

Easily the one of the highlights of the day was Kamado shrine. It is simply beautiful in any season but especially so in the Autumn and spring time. 

The start of the hike up Homan even this had a cherry blossom (Sakura) tree to add to the image.

 After marvelling at the wonderful view from Homan I decided to head down and find the route to Mt. Sangun. The last time I did this hike was August 2018 and the head, humidity and huge amount of horse flies had me cursing the mountain. This time the weather was splendid and there was not a blood sucker to be seen. Sangun is a further 2.3km across the mountain ridge with some elevation and lots of rocky hiking but unlike Homan no steps. 

The view from Sangun is slightly less impressive compared to Mt. Homan. Still it is a a larger mountain and still gives you a good view of the mountains in the distance. 

 Finally back at Mt. Homan I started the trek down taking a view minutes at the camping hut to rest. 

When I got back to Dazaifu I spent a little while enjoying the great weather and the popular sights that so many tourists come to visit. I am not sure when I will be back but I am sure it won't be too long. 

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