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Iimoriyama 飯盛山 2019/4/13

Iimoriyama 飯盛山  2019/4/13

IImoriyama is in the north west of Fukuoka and is near the border of Itoshima city. The peak is a relatively short hike but it does have some very rocky and steep sections as you get nearer to the summit. 

There is a good guide to Iimoriyama on the Fukuoka now website. For this hike however we drove to Iimori Shrine 飯盛神社 and started towards the mountain from just behind it. The shrine has plentiful parking which is all free of charge. 

Gear: Some rugged trail shoes are a good idea for this hike especially with some toe protection for the rocky areas. A hiking pole would not be that useful however a good pair of gloves are recommended.  

From the main car park (There is more parking closer to the mountain behind the shrine) it was a very short walk into the shrine. 

The shrine itself is a significant shrine with a number of buildings and statues. On the way it was busy with parents bringing there babies to be blessed. 

The main shrine building. The grounds are worth a short explore to see the statues and other buildings. 

The first section of the hike up Iimoriyama follows a road lined with Japanese maple trees. This leads up to another large shrine with a very big stone Torii gate. 

The rocky path leads up just before you reach the large shrine pictured above. However it is definitely worth going up there for a look around. 

The trail up has lots of ropes at points to help you out. A pair of gloves are also useful for helping grip these and avoid rope burns. 

It starts to get steep but we pushed on. It really isn't that far!

 The summit signpost and the goal. The view is not the best view as the top is quite forested. The hike itself is where the value is for this hike. It is possible to continue on to other mountains however we had to get back to the car and had insufficient water so we headed back the way we came. 

The view from the summit. 

We had one more pleasant surprise as we as we approached the shrine at the bottom. A Japanese badger (Anaguma) was scurrying along the road. It froze when it saw us and considered carrying on but in the end decided to turn and flee into the woods. 

The hike as very pleasant and a good choice for beginners. 

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