Saturday 23 November 2019

Ebino Plateau えびの高原: views of Karakunidake 韓国岳 2019/11/16

Ebino Plateau えびの高原: views of Karakunidake 韓国岳 2019/11/16

On our return journey from Kagoshima and hiking Kaimondake we decided to stop by the Ebino Plateau. This area is in Kirishima and borders Miyazaki prefecture and Kagoshima prefecture. The area has a number of peaks and is highly volcanic with some routes closed on the day due to this. I wanted to hike up to Mt. Karakuni however my daughter flat out refused to do it and to be honest we were ill prepared for another hike.

So I have decided to share some of the wonderful Autumn views of Kirishima and Mt. Karakuni and I will return next year for a full hike of the area.

The view of Karakunidake 韓国岳 you can see the volcanic debris left over from past explosions. The weather was wonderful which really enhanced the views and Autumn foliage. 

The Autumn colours were simply stunning with bright yellows, reds and browns everywhere. 

We got a great view of the surrounding area from a view point on the side of the road on the way down. We also stopped by a shrine to look at the red maple leaves. 

A fantastic place to visit in the Autumn and I look forward to hiking and hopefully camping in the area next year. The campsite is currently closed for renovations and maintenance but we walked around it and it looked great. 

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