Friday 29 November 2019

Mt. Ohira 大平山 the last of 2019 Autumn colours 2019/11/23

Mt. Ohira 大平山 the last of 2019 Autumn colours 


As we move from November to December the seasonal transition from Autumn to Winter is underway. The beautiful Autumn foliage will soon start to disappear and we replaced by clear forests and snow on the mre remote and higher peaks. I went to the nearby Amagi park to climb Mt. Ohira and enjoy the last of the Autumn colours. It is a shame that it doesn't last long but as one door closes another opens and I am looking forward to what winter might bring. Below are some lovely views to hopefully inspire everyone to get out and enjoy the Autumn while it lasts! See my original post on how to get to this mountain and park 

Amagi park in the Autumn 
The park is also beautiful to visit in the springtime! 

The Autumn colours were great at various spots on the mountain and in the park itself. 

The mountain is not too hard to climb but still offers wonderful views! Many hikers and casual walkers visit the mountain everyday. It is the perfect place to take a relaxed hike. 

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