Friday 16 November 2018

Amagi Park 甘木公園 and Mt. Ohira 大平山 2018.11.11

Amagi Park 甘木公園 and Mt. Ohira 大平山 2018.11.11

Amagi park is located in east Fukuoka near Akizuki. The park has a large lake with a jogging track, sports facilities and a number of play parks which are excellent for small children. Right next to the park is a smallish mountain Mt. Ohira which despite its small size has seem nice views of the surrounding area. The trail is very accessible and would be a perfect beginner hike for young children. 

Access: We drove on the day however there are two trains stations which are within walking distance Amagi station 甘木駅 and Nishitestu Amagi station 西鉄甘木駅 it is cheap to get to either so it depends on your starting point. You can search for a suitable train here Train Times 

 As soon as we arrived at the car park we saw the signs pointing to Mt. Ohira. 

And the view of the lake was quite fantastic too! 

The trail starts just past the Tennis courts. It was very simple and just a matter of following the blue jogging path round past two play areas. 

The trail starts as a tarmacked road which went gently up. 

After a while that area ends and there is a large exposed area with picnic benches and a viewing tower. 


From this area the trail moves into a forest. The path is still clear and wide and well signposted (In Japanese only but still easy to follow) 

There were sticks near the signposted if you feel the need for extra support. 

The view from the top was impressive. There is a viewing area and a number of benches. The summit was clearly signposted just a short way away. 


One green, one red Japanese acer maples

There was even some lovely Autumn colours up on the summit. 

The views were great and reached across Fukuoka and beyond. 


I went past the viewing area and started the descent. I took this path down however it was long before it joined onto the other track. After getting to the bottom I took some more photos of the reflections in the lake and the very red bridge. 

Overall an accessible and easy which is perfect for just about anybody. 

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