Monday 5 November 2018

Dazaifu Autumn Colours Mt. Homan 宝満山 and Shioji 四王寺 2018.11.3&4

Dazaifu Autumn Colours Mt. Homan 宝満山 and Shioji 四王寺 2018.11.3&4

I spent last weekend in Dazaifu. The leaves are starting to change from green to vibrant red and yellow and the air is starting to get colder especially high up in the mountains. I went to Homan on Saturday and Shioji with the kids on Sunday. Below are some of the wonderful sights I found. I highly recommend getting some Autumn hiking in while it lasts as it is generally considered to be the best time to hike in Japan. The get to these wonderful places visit my previous posts for the access information. 

Mt. Homan 宝満山

Kamado Shrine 宝満宮 竈門神社 in Dazaifu at the bast of Homanzan
Shrine gate near the base of Homanzan
Kamado Shrine. A bride and groom where perfectly placed! 
The view from the summit in Autumn 2018
You can see the camp area in the forest

Tenkaiinari Shrine 天開稲荷社

Tenmangu 太宰府天満宮
There was a flower and bonsai festival on

Shioji 四王寺

Bishamondo A buddhist temple on top of Mt. Ogusuku (Oki) 毘沙門堂
The red Momiji (Japanese maple) leaves were more plentiful in Shioji
A great shot with the sunlight coming through the leaves
It almost looks like a painting! 

I also got some of the best shots I have of the ruins of Shioji and the Onojo castle. Click on the pictures below to zoom in. 

This smaller peak actually has some of best views
大野城跡 太宰府口城門

Shioji has some amazing view spots and a rich and physical history to explore. Over the coming weeks it will look even better which some fantastic areas to view the Momiji (Japanese maples)  Japanese Maple and Ginkgo trees Ginkgo Trees
I will be visiting more places over the next few weeks in search for even more impressive Autumn views. Wherever you go make sure you make the most of the season and happy trails! 

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