Thursday 22 November 2018

Inoyama 井野山 Umi Hike 2018.11.18

Inoyama 井野山 Umi Hike 2018.11.18

Inoyama in Umi is a very easy beginner hike/walk that has a true 360 degree view of the area and is a great view point to take pictures of some of the more historic and popular mountains in the area. 

Access: Use the JR line to get to JR Umi station 宇美駅 once there it takes about 25 minutes to reach the base of the mountain and the start of the trail. Head to this small Shinto Shrine 八幡産. The road that leads up the mountain is right next to the shrine you really can't miss it. 

Gear: Anything is ok for this hike. You don't need any specialist gear. The summit is exposed so a sun hat may be useful in the summer. 

The starting point is next to this shrine. It is a pleasant little shrine with an impressive stone Torii gate. 

The road up seems to be closed which makes it easier to walk without the constant worry of traffic. 

The trail starts at this gate. The trail is mostly a tarmacked road which makes this a walk you could do in most weather conditions. I searched or alternative routes and short cuts on the way up but I couldn't seem to find any.

The road finally comes to and end and there is a very short walk to some stone steps. These lead to directly to the summit.  

The summit. There is a small metal map and an information board. Despite its small size the views are impressive. 

Looking out over Shioji
Across over Fukuoka and Onojo

And over Hakata to the bay area
There is very small stone shrine just behind the viewing platform. 

After taking the views in and eating a spot of lunch I hiked back down and int Umi town centre. 

This is one of the easiest hikes I have been on but the views make it worth while. 

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