Wednesday 3 June 2020

Miyajisan in Munkata! 宮地山, 在自山, 対馬見山, 水落山

Miyajisan in Munkata! 宮地山, 在自山, 対馬見山, 水落山

A slightly different format going forward; I use Yamap now for all of my hikes. A lot of hikes are repeat hike and therefore not worth posting on here however you can view everything since Dec 2019 on my user page. So from now on I willl include a few photos some notes on access and a link to the course trail and yamap post. Click the title to get to the yamap post. 

This hike is a wonderful short hikes in Munakata city in Fukuoka. I took the train to Fukuma sta. and walked to Miyadake Shrine to start the course. The shrine itself is wonderful and the hike is a great mix of small community mountain and also two very different wild mountains. Enjoy! 

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