Sunday 30 August 2020

Nakutareyama 成竹山 2020.8.29

Nakutareyama 成竹山 2020.8.29

We went to Nakagawa to 中ノ島公園 a river park which is very popular in the summer with families for river play and there is also a small vegetable shop there. I headed out hiking to Nakitareyama. 

Instead of following the standard trails I went "off trail" and followed old paths and ended up hiking through the woods. The viewpoint was impressive and well worth a visit. After the hike I went to the river park and walked around the shrine and up the river. I ended the day a Fukunoyu in Kasuga for more ice cream and beer!

There is a Nakagawa city bus service that goes to the park and the trail head for this mountain. You can find more info. here

As always you can view the route map I used on the Yamap site. I highly recommend downloading the app to your smartphone and using one of the designated trails. 

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