Wednesday 9 June 2021

Kaho Alps hiking in Asakura 屏山・江川岳・馬見山・古処山 2021/5/22

 Kaho Alps hiking in Asakura 屏山・江川岳・馬見山・古処山 2021/5/22

Nice cool hiking weather before it becomes rainy and humid in the Japanese rainy season. Fukuoka is once again in a SoE with lots of shop, public services and Onsen closed. 

I stayed in Fukuoka and headed out to complete the Kaho Alps starting from Akizuki and headed the four main peaks in the area. Heavy rain during the previous week had left the streams and rivers swollen and it had spilled over to the main trail in many places. This meant crossing is more difficult than usual and it much more slippery.

I first headed to Heizan, Egawadake and then to Umamiyama which was my first time hiking to that peak. I visited Koshosan on the return journey because it is the one I have been to the most. On the way down I took a different route along the road and then used an old disused trail which used to have steps which are now becoming buried under the soil. 

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