Monday 28 June 2021

 Kurume mountains, still not rainy! 発心山・白山・グライダー山・桝形山・耳納山・兜山・月見山・高良山 2021/6/26

In this (still not) rainy season I took a trip down to Kurume to hike a set of mountains. Actually my plan was to hike Tenpaizan to Kiyama but I changed my mind on the train and stayed on all the way to Kurume. 

I started the hike at around 10:40 which was late compared to when I like to start. I started with the tallest mountain first and went straight up to Hosshinzan. It was a tiring climb but made a little more difficult due to the heat, good job a brought a towel! After enjoying top I hiked along to Korasan. Gliding Mountain was interesting it has panoramic views and I guess it was once a popular place to hand glide from. 

Crossing over the mountains was pretty easy, there is a popular road which says close to the hiking trail. You can sometimes choose to be on the road or use the hiking trail to cut of bends. But some of the forested areas had many spiders, over grown bushes and long grass. I went off the trail to explore a number of times and found other small mountains, an old camp site and many shrines and statues. Eventually I made it to Korasan and went down to the bus stop (It is more frequent than the train) and headed back to Kurume station. 

The best point is I finally hit more than 250 mountains which was my target for the year. So now a new target 275 by December!




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