Monday 2 September 2019

Homanzan 宝満山 camping at 宝満山キャンプセンター welcoming the new season 2019.8.31 & 9.1

Homanzan 宝満山 camping at 宝満山キャンプセンター welcoming the new season 2019.8.31 & 9.1

The welcome the start of Autumn and let go of summer I went for a hike up Mt. Homan and camped out at the Homanzan camping centre. I was joined by my youngest daughter so was really excited to sleep outside and watch the sky grow dark as night set in.

Access: The centre can be found by either following the signs to the right near the top of the mountain on the way up (宝満山キャンプセンター) or by going to the top and climbing down the very rocky side. Once down keep walking past the signs on the left which point to Sangunsan and instead go straight on. This will bring you directly to the camp area. For prices check the official site. At the time of writing pitching a tent is free. Sleeping in the lodge hut costs 500 yen per adult per night or 200 yen for children. It is quite basic but does have electric solar powered lighting, tables, blankets etc. You can also jsut use it for a rest which costs 50 Yen. Outside there is a bio toilet and also wooden benches and tables.

Below are some pictures from the hike and camp. It started to rain in the evening but was generally a great atmosphere.

Leina has become a strong hiker. Even though she is only 6 years old she moves quickly and carefully. Her favourite sections of this hike are the rocky parts. 

The views from the summit were as spectacular as ever. For the first time ever we had the summit to ourselves which was very nice and peaceful. 

Our destination for the evening: The camp centre

When we got to the camp area we found a good place to pitch up without too many small stones on the floor. There were already a number of tents set up for the night and the cabin was pull of people drinking and eating. 

The city in the distance. It gives off so much light pollution it is a shame. 

The rain started at around 3am and continued all morning. The ground was very wet but we were able to pack away almost everything quickly and get to the cabin. I was given hot coffee by one of the fellow campers and we relaxed with some breakfast. 

My bivy tent is tiny on the right. 

The rain slowed and I used the chance to collapse the tent and pack away. 

We said our goodbyes, packed everything up and continued with our hike down the mountain. 

The view of Shioji through the clouds was wonderful and gave the impression of being much higher up than we actually were. 

Almost at the bottom we were offered a ride down by a fellow hiker. We declined as it wasn't far but it was very nice to be offered. You often get to see the best of people in the mountains. 

It was a wonderful trip. Mt. Homan is always great to visit and I feel lucky it is so nearby. The atmosphere at the campsite was great and I will be going back again many time to explore more and enjoy being out in nature. But maybe I will get a bigger tent if the kids want to join me. 

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