Sunday 25 August 2019

Tachibanayama 立花山 and Mikazukiyama 三日月山 Hiking 2019.8.24

Tachibanayama 立花山 and Mikazukiyama 三日月山  Hiking 2019.8.24

For the end of August I headed for an easy hike with my daughter to Tachibanayama and Mikazukiyama. This is a wonderful hike, the last time I went this route was in June of last year so it was good to get out and see these mountains in the late summer.

Access: Take the #23 bus from in front of JR Kashii station to Shimobaru. The bus stop is between the JR station and the Nishshitesu station. The bus only takes around 10 minutes and is very frequent.

We started from the bus stop and hiked up to the start point. This is very easy and is just a matter of following the road up towards the mountains. Eventually we came to the entrance to the forest just past this map board. 

We went up to Mikazukiyama first as it is a little further and it was too early for lunch. The views on the way are great and we found lots of beautiful trees and saplings on the way. 

After enjoying the view at Mikazukiyama we started are hike back to Tachibanaya. We found interesting Fungi and even more impressive trees on that side. 

We enjoyed the view and then set up for a picnic lunch. There were many other people there and the rain held off until we started out descent. 
It was a wonderful hike and perfect for these rainy days when the weather is unpredictable. The trees, saplings and nature of forest really enhanced the journey. Because it is not too difficult it is recommended for a short morning or afternoon hike. You can also take the route from the Tachibana side car park.

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