Monday 16 November 2020

Asakura hiking: Akizuki, Koshosan 古処山 to Egawadake 江川岳, 屏山 2020/11/11

 Asakura hiking: Akizuki, Koshosan 古処山 to Egawadake 江川岳, 屏山 2020/11/11

I had a mid week day off! So I went in search of more wonderful Autumn hiking and ended up in Akizuki in Asakura. I used the Amatetsu Amagi railway line from Kiyama station and changed to a local bus at Amagi station. I got off at the Notori bus stop and started my hike from there. 

I hiked up to Koshosan first and then over to Heizan and finally to Egawadake. A beautiful hike and wonderful weather made me feel lucky. I wanted to carry on to Umamiyama however it would have added two hours to my hike. Maybe in the future I can start at a different point and hike over the mountains without the need to hike back. 

After hiking I came back down into Akizuki and visited the castle ruins 秋月城 長屋門(裏御門) and shrine which is famous for its red Japanese maple leaves however I think it was too early to see the best colours as the leaves had just started to change. In a few weeks it will be amazing! 

I took the bus back to Amagi and went to an Onsen hot spring: 卑弥呼ロマンの湯 its cheap and the water is great, it even has a slight smell of sulphur.

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