Monday 9 November 2020

Raizan 雷山 and Iharayama 井原山 Autumn Hike 2020.11.8

 Raizan 雷山 and Iharayama 井原山 Autumn Hike 2020.11.8

I set out today to hunt for some more Autumn colours. I headed to Itoshima in Fukuoka and went to Raizan. This area is famous for its Autumn colours in particular the Raizansennyoji Taihioin temple with some truly beautiful red maple leaves. I took the bus from Chikuzen-Maebaru station which costs only 200Yen. 

I set off for Iharayama first, along the way I went past the closed trail. This trail was closed because of how dangerous it is to hike. An unfortunate accident occurred a few months ago when the editor of Noboro magazine died along the trail. There was some colours by the sign now clearly saying the route is closed. The route was very beautiful but too risky for hiking you can view the route here: 

I hiked up Iharayama first and luckily enjoyed some good views despite some haze caused by yellow sand. I then hiked over to Raizan. On the way down I took a new route down along a mountain road. The Autumn colours were great and very beautiful along the trail and around the shrines at the bottom. After hiking I went to the Temple enjoyed walking around the garden for 100Yen entrance fee (400Yen if you want to enter the Temple). 

I was too quick and unable to kill enough time so I ended up walking all the way back to the station! However the traffic going up the mountain was so bad I am sure you the bus would have been badly delayed. 

Click on the link to see the route map used for this hike






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