Friday 7 June 2019

Rainy Season 2019 and repeat hikes in May

The mountains are alive and the flowers are blooming! 

It has been a busy month of May with the weekends mostly spent returning to older hikes with the family or trail running past routes. And now we have hit the Japanese rainy season which is called Tsuyu 梅雨. At this time last year I made many hike attempts some of them failing due to the high volumes of rainfall. I am hoping that we get more sunny weekends this June-July and hope to do some new hikes and walks around the area. Until then here are some pictures the repeat hikes and trail runs I have been doing. One of the great things about repeating the same routes is that you can focus a lot less on the route and challenge and instead focus more on the wonderful details, mountain creatures and all sorts of flora and fauna that call the mountains their home. 

If anybody would like hike together or wants more information about a route please feel free to get in contact! 

Trail running and hiking Tenpaizan 天拝山 to Kiyama 基山; spotting nature

Cyrestis thyodamas

Chiromantes haematocheir yama-gani

It finally looks like they will start the repair work on the ancient water gate which was connected to the castle that once stood on Kiyama. Seeing the devastation caused by last years rainy season was one of the most shocking sights I have had when hiking. Let's hope this year history doesn't repeat itself! 

Repeat hike to Tagawa; Mt. Fukuchi 福智山 

The views were no less impressive and expansive on this repeat hike. The girls loved the top of the mountain but Malena didn't like the interest she was getting from the bees for her flower patterned Columbia backpack! 
Shioji 四王寺 and rainy season

I hope this all inspires you to get out on the trails and experience the thrill of hiking. The summer is hot but you are rewarded with mountains that the crawling with life and blooming with colour! 

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