Sunday 30 June 2019

Wakasugiyama 若杉山 rainy season Hike 2019/6/22

Wakasugiyama 若杉山 rainy season Hike 2019/6/22

In the middle of rainy season we had a cloudy but otherwise clear day which we decided to use for trip to Wakasugiyama. The previous post of this hike was done at the end of winter so the mountains views were very different on this hike. One of the great treats were all of the Ajisai (Hydrangea) blossoming along the trail and around the mountain. 

For details on the route this check out the previous post here. Below are some the seasonal changes along the route. It was a great hike to do in rainy season. 

As mentioned in the introduction Ajisai were blossoming everywhere on this hike; check out the pictures below. What was most impressive was the variety of shades and tones on display. 
Deep purple
Pearl white! 
Perfect pink

It wasn't just the Ajisai; The warmer weather also means Fungi is free to grow again

There were also a lot of frogs of various species and sizes on the trail. This one posed on a leaf and even appears to be holding flower Umbrella! 

The trail was lush and very green
養老ヶ滝 This buddhist temple was striking compared to in the winter.

 I will leave it with a couple of Buddhist statues and Jizo statues that are all around Wakasugiyama. 

I liked the detail of his slippers set under his chair. 

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