Monday 7 December 2020

Kumamoto Hiking: Tawarayama 俵山 2020/12/5

 Kumamoto Hiking: Tawarayama 俵山 2020/12/5

Winter is here! We got our first taste of it hiking up a frosty trail to Tawarayama. A short but beautiful hike and a great place to view mount Aso from. 

We started from the Tawarayama view point parking spot 俵山峠展望所 and followed the direct trail up to the top of Tawarayama. The parking area has a small toilet and is free. The view point nearby is also worth stopping to take a look at. It was icy and the ground was covered in frost on the way up but this had started to melt for our return journey. The melting ice left very muddy patches.

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