Monday 21 December 2020

Ooshima Island and Mitake 御獄 Kyushu Olle 2020.12.13

Ooshima Island and Mitake 御獄 Kyushu Olle 2020.12.13

Ooshima is a small fishing island that is part of Munakata city in Fukuoka. The island is very popular for its very high quality fishing. It is also a spiritual city connected to nearby Okinoshima Island a world heritage site which is closed to the public. Due to be it being forbidden to set foot on Okinoshima instead people worship and view it from Ooshima Island.

We followed the Kyushu Olle course through Yamap, however this course misses the light house and Miura cave which is a shame.

It starts by going up to Munakata shrine and then to a small mountain called Mitake. The course is not tough and well worth the time it takes. Near the end we went to the local history museum which is very well funded because of its connection to world heritage.

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