Monday 21 December 2020

Nagasaki city Hiking Inasayama and more 金比羅山 天狗山 稲佐山 鉢巻山 2020.12.19

 Nagasaki city Hiking Inasayama and more 金比羅山 天狗山 稲佐山 鉢巻山 2020.12.19

I decided to use the cheap JR Kyushu ticket one more time. For this Saturday I went to Nagasaki city to hike Inasayama and bunch of others in the area as well as Nagasaki's peace park and city atmosphere. I set off first for Kompirasan, this walk was very smooth, like many local mountain areas in Kyushu it was not too difficult and had good views from the top. I went down and walked though Nagasaki city, the houses and tiny streets are like a maze so I was glad to have a map to follow. I went through peace park and sat for a while before carrying on to Inasayama. The trail was steep and pretty wild. I saw just one rock climber along the way and a few hikers near the top. At the top there is a park and view towers.

The views from Inasayama are great. From the viewing platform there is a 360 degree view. I wanted to hike along to the coast but down my route for decent very slow going with lots of climbing unnamed peaks and route to climb down with. Near the bottom I saw a very large wild boar which stared at me before running off in the same direction I was walking!

I came down but couldn't work out the trail to continue so I caught a bus back to the centre from a nearby bus stop. I managed to get great views and hit all the main mountains and points but felt frustrated I couldn't complete my original plan. Click on the title to see the route map, there are a few moments were I got a little lost of strayed from the trail though, I would advise hiking to Inasayama and use the cable car down.




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