Monday 7 December 2020

Saga hiking: Tenzan and Amezan 天山・雨山 2020/12/6

 Saga hiking: Tenzan and Amezan 天山・雨山 2020/12/6

Tenzan has been on my list to get to for a long time. With great weather we decided it would really be worth it. We drove through Saga past some large beautiful lakes and a beautiful Onsen village and parked at the Amagawa starting point 天川登山口. We went up Tenzan and then across to Ameyama (Amezan). At the top we drank Swissmiss cocoa before taking a different route back which looped around Tenzan and back to the car park. 

The views are wonderful with views in all directions and we could even see Mt. Unzen over the Ariake sea. 

For lunch we went Michinoekiyamato and the road side station Yamato 道の駅 大和 a camping ground, bakery and farm shop. It has benches next to the river and sells delicious local food and produce. The melon pan here is very delicious. 

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