Thursday 9 September 2021

Sekinoyama on the border of Izuka and Tagawa 関の山・金石山・大山 2021/7/31

Sekinoyama on the border of Izuka and Tagawa 関の山・金石山・大山 2021/7/31

We parked up at the Izuka side parking area which opens from 8:30am. We hiked up the right side route which was steep on places with the huge sound od cicada screeching and singing all around us. We reached the top of Sekinoyama which has a treeless top with good views. 

After a short break we headed off to Oyama, the views were wonderful from there and there was shade with a cool breeze. A group of other hikers were there all talking in good spirits. After hiking we headed to おじゅごんち市場からすお 農産物等直売所 a road side farm shop in Tagawa. Because Tagawa is famous for once being a coal mining town they sell a special black coal soft cream which tastes a little of chocolate.




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