Thursday 9 September 2021

Sunny Sarakurayama: Exploring Kitakyushu again 花尾山・内藤陣山・帆柱山・椎ノ巨木山・権現山・皿倉山・茶臼山・乳山・熊本山

 Sunny Sarakurayama: Exploring Kitakyushu again 花尾山・内藤陣山・帆柱山・椎ノ巨木山・権現山・皿倉山・茶臼山・乳山・熊本山 2021/8/28

The rain has finally stopped! It has been on and off rain for the past few weeks that honestly felt more like rainy season than the real rainy season did. The temperature luckily was still cool so I decided to grab a train and head off to Sarakurayama in Kitakyushu. 

I took a bus from Kurosaki station to Hanao Nishi Tozanguchi and started my hike from there. I explored a whole bunch of mountains around Sarakurayama using paths I haven't tried before. Hiking this mountain is very easy there are loads of routes but most are well signposted. I found lots of wonderful mushrooms, stunning ancient trees and even saw a Japanese weasel (Itachi イタチ) It ran across the trail about one metre in front of me, too fast for me to get a picture. 

On the way down I explored some of the smaller mountains, one turned out to be a shrine but the second was in a park and had tall view point with a great view of Sarakurayama. I ended the hike at space world station (They really need to think of a new name for this one!). A great hike to finish August.




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